Would you like some silicon dioxide with that?

I was at the local supermarket yesterday to buy some paprika.  There were a couple of options – organic and non-organic.  I didn’t think that paprika generally required a large amount of pesticide to grow so I thought I may be safe with the non-organic purchase in this instance. But, I compared the two labels just in case there was something I overlooked.  I was surprised to learn the non-organic paprika contained silicon dioxide, which is used to make the paprika flow a little better out of the shaker top.   Look up silicon dioxide when you get a chance.  Apparently its use is pretty widespread in the food industry.  Read labels regularly and if you see an ingredient you don’t recognize, use your handy cell phone and look it up.  Because sometimes paprika isn’t just paprika.


5 thoughts on “Would you like some silicon dioxide with that?

  1. 9 February 2014: Kania brand of Paprika Sweet says Ingredients: paprika, release agent: cellulose, silicon dioxide. Morrisons’ Smoked Paprika says Ingredients: smoked paprika. Looking at the melting point of silicon dioxide, it’s a no-no!

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