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Rain, Rain, Save Today

I dedicate this post to my friend Rosie.

Since the dawn of human kind, man has known one thing for sure – lack of rain means lack of food.  Modern man (especially those living in California) are familiar with a similar concept – water conservation.  Lack of water not only means fewer crops but, if you fail to conserve water during years of less rainfall, you get hit with heavy fines on your water bill.  There have been many catchy slogans to help people remember to conserve: “If it’s yellow, let it mellow: if it’s brown, flush it down.” Or my personal favorite “Save water: shower with a friend.”  The truth is that water conservation isn’t that difficult.  The most obvious solution is to catch rain in buckets as it falls out of the sky. One simple trick I use, however, is to put a 5 gallon bucket in my shower.  While my shower water heats up, I catch water out of the shower head in the bucket, which I then use to water my plants both inside and outside.  It doesn’t seem like this would amount to much but the first week I did this I salvaged nearly 80 gallons of water!  All that, just waiting for my shower water to heat up. Over the course of the year, that comes to over 4,000 gallons of clean, fresh water.  Imagine how much water you could catch if you had a family of 6 showering every day. You may even save a little money on your water bill.

Take care!




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