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Store Bought Eggs vs. Farm Fresh Eggs

A special thanks to the Galvonds for their most beautiful and delicious eggs! It’s so nice to have farm fresh eggs again. All of the colors are gorgeous! And so are the chickens who lay them!

If you have an egg farm nearby you, I encourage you to visit and relish in some truly local food. Meet the chickens and the people who care for them. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see a farm fresh egg next to a store bought, “free range, organic” egg, check out the photos below. The farm fresh egg is on the left. Notice the darker color and firmness of the yolk and white. If you look closely at the second set of photos, you can actually see the store bought egg yolk “wrinkling” and the white running all around the edge of the whole dish. Store bought eggs just pale in comparison. Not to mention the flavor difference. Baked goods are better, custards are richer and ice creams creamier with farm fresh eggs. In short, great basic ingredients make for great dishes.

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3 thoughts on “Store Bought Eggs vs. Farm Fresh Eggs

  1. Great post on eggs. It’s eggcellent information!
    I grew up on a farm with real “free range” chickens. The yolk color is a difference in nutrition. It seems chickens that have more protein in their diets have a darker yolk and firmer egg white. And yes they are a “better” egg. One of the true tests of a good egg is the shell thickness. A thicker shell mean better nutrition for the chicken.
    I have to laugh at the price difference of egg shell colors in the stores. The true difference is white chickens lay white eggs and red/brown chickens lay brown eggs. The pretty blue and pink eggs are from pullets. (very young adult chicken.) As a pullet matures the shell color will change to a more “normal” color.

    • Thanks so much for all of the information! I wish I had photos of the chickens that lay the green eggs. They have what looks like big furry whiskers on their cheeks.

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