Campfire Cooking Post #7 – Not All Camping Cooking is Glamorous

As we continue our trip along the Oregon Trail, we finally found trees and shade.  Ahhhhh.  We stopped at Emigrant Springs State Park.  What a beautiful setting in a thickly wooded forest.  Nice bathrooms, nice showers and an informational visitor center.

After camping for days in the desert, the moment we set up the tent, we were caught in a huge thunder and lightning storm.  It was probably the loudest thunder I’d ever heard.  So tonight campfire cooking just had to wait.  Luckily in the gear I also keep some pre-made food just for times like this.  Tonight, in the tent we set up a storage container for a table and brought in our folding camp chairs and battery powered lanterns.  We even had a little music via the laptop.  We dubbed tonight “snack night” and had a little left over fast food from lunch (half of a Blimpie’s Classic and a Taco Time Crispy Bean Burrito), cheddar cheese, Ritz Crackers, Keebler Cheese Crackers, kippered snacks, cut up mango, avocado slices and some Teddy Grahams.  The best part is that our tent and gear got a little well-needed washing from all of the desert dust of the past few days.

In sum, not all meals are glamorous but they should be well enjoyed nonetheless!  After reading the accounts of settlers along the Oregon Trail and the hardships they had to suffer, I was feeling like our tiny little party would have been viewed as a meal fit for royalty. What a feast!

Eat Well!


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