Campfire Cooking Post #9 – Crab Feast With Our Bro

Camping Day 8 – Port Orchard, Washington

We have been staying with our dear friends Victoria and David since yesterday in Lakebay. Tonight we go to our brother, sister-in-law and nephew’s home for a fantastic, locally caught crab feast. Did I also mention that he makes the most top notch smoked salmon ever? He totally does.

For several days now, our brother has had the most envied commute of anyone I know – he gets up early, drops his crab pots on his way to work, goes to work, then picks up his crab pots on the way home.  Tough life, right?

We had the opportunity to share some of his delicious catches, along with his famous smoked salmon, crab cakes, homemade smoked cheeses, jalapeno and cheese stuffed mushrooms and some beautiful crudités.  What a feast!

Even their cat, Walter was jealous….

And what did our brother do with all of that leftover crab?  He made gumbo, of course!  YUM!

I don’t have any recipes to share but I do offer this:

Whenever you have a chance to eat what is local to an area in which you are traveling, do it!  It helps out local economies and helps to protect resources.  And, if you get a chance to do it with family or close friends, all that much better!

Eat Well!


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