Want To See Picky Eaters Gobble Up Fruit? Add Chocolate!

I’m blessed with a daughter who eats really well, but that doesn’t mean I don’t serve this up anyway. Cut up some nice fruits and serve it with a little chocolate syrup. Or, if you have dietary restrictions, how about a sugar free chocolate? This may seem a little indulgent to the fruit purists in the world but a whole two tablespoons of regular Hershey’s syrup adds on a mere 100 calories. Not bad for five whole pieces of fruit. Trust me when I say that your fruit will disappear a lot more quickly. And, your kids (and their friends) will thank you. I also like to serve this at parties. Something really healthy but still decadent at the same time.


As with most things in life, eating healthy is much more about what you can do and not what you can’t. Sure, we’d all like to drop 20 pounds in a week but what kind of drastic changes do you have to make to your diet in order to accomplish that? How about adding a few little changes you can live with. Like eating your fruit, even if you do add a little chocolate. As the moon is waxing, it’s a really good time to, rather than restricting the body, to nourish the body. Give it what it needs – more water, more fruit, more vegetables, more rest, more vitamins – whatever it is, do what you can do and do a little bit of it each day until it becomes like breathing.

Eat Well


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