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Chicken and Roasted Garlic Lavash Roll-Ups

lavash 8

The title says it all right?!?  We have to give a phat shout out to our sister, Theresa, the OGG (original go-getter) and mother extraordinaire, who, despite a hectic work and family schedule, still manages to throw down some awesome grub like this!

Heat oven to 325.  Season chicken breasts and thighs with salt, pepper and plenty of ground sage.  Brown in butter in Dutch oven.  Add 1 cup chicken broth, celery stalks, parsley, oregano and a quartered lemon around and on top of the chicken.  Place a whole head of unpeeled garlic on top and fit with lid.  Cook for about an hour, turn off oven and leave until cooled down, don’t peek!

lavash 3 lavash 2 lavash 1

Put chicken, roasted garlic (just squeeze it out of its peel) and artichoke dip on lavash bread, maybe with some chopped olives and feta (or other veggies), roll it up and enjoy as-is or cut into pinwheels for an awesome appetizer.

lavash 6 lavash 7 lavash 8

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the other OGGs out there!  We salute you all!


One thought on “Chicken and Roasted Garlic Lavash Roll-Ups

  1. Thanks Trish and Amelia for posting! I forgot to mention that these are the best if you first roll, wrap in plastic and eat after a few hours. This gives the bread time to soften a bit.

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