Easy Peasy Pomegranate Seed Removal

11-11-14 012

At a recent stop to a local fruit stand, I came across these gorgeous pomegranates for only $5 a bag.  I had to jump at the bargain.  As a neighbor saw me unloading the bags from my car she said “I love those but it’s too hard to get the seeds out.”  The 8-year-old version of me would totally agree but I learned the easiest technique to deseed the crimson beauties – whacking!

11-8-14 150 11-8-14 153 11-8-14 154

To deseed-simply cut the pomegranate in half or quarters.  Over a large bowl, invert the section onto the palm of your hand and whack several times with the back of a large spoon or other utensil.  Seeds fall right out.  All clean!

Eat Well!


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