Gardening in My Kitchen – Drying Green Onions

1-18-15 007

Our friend David over at The Halau likes to say “if you have a garden, you have a future.”  If that is true, I have a great many futures in green onions.  Those who read my last Gardening in My Kitchen Post, recall that I like to reserve green onion roots for later propagation in the garden.  This has paid off in aces!

2-4-14 029 2-4-14 030 3-6-14 044

These monster plants grow prolifically, and if you cut a piece off, it grows back.  I’ve had such an abundance of green onion, in fact, that I haven’t paid for a green almost a year and have started dehydrating them for later use in things like dips and soups.

1-18-15 006

Dehydrated Green Onions

Cut, rinse and dry harvested onion tops.  Place on food drying racks so that they don’t touch one another.  Dry for around 6 hours, rotating rack positions once an hour.  As onions become papery in texture, they can be removed.  Chop onions into desired pieces and store in an airtight container.

1-18-15 008 1-18-15 011 1-18-15 012 1-18-15 061

Speaking of The Halau, you should check our their Daily Tarot.  Ancient wisdom for all ages.

Eat Well!


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