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How to Grill a Proper Hot Dog

grilledhotdogs (3)

Hot dogs aren’t necessarily my favorite thing to eat, but if you want to throw an Angus dog on a charcoal grill, my tune changes. After a few minutes on a grill, suddenly hot dogs fall into my favorites list.

Here’s how to grill a proper hot dog, without them shriveling up and drying out on the grill.

Place a pan of cold water on the stove.
Place cold hot dogs in cold water.
Turn the heat to high.
As soon as they have fattened up and turned a little brown, turn off the stove and remove them from the water.
Place hot dogs onto a hot grill. Close to the heat if you want crispy blackened dogs.
Cover grill and cook 2-3 minutes.
Flip dogs and cook another two to three minutes.

grilledhotdogs (1) grilledhotdogs (2) grilledhotdogs (3)


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