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It Finally Opened!

6-2-15 134

I just had to share – this white bird of paradise gigantis was gifted to me from our dear friend Victoria at The Halau nearly a decade ago.  For a while it was a very manageable sized plant that lived out front in a pot.  Then, deciding it needed more room to grow, I put it in the ground.  It grew by leaps and bounds and even became a great stabilizing plant for my grape vine (maybe that’ll produce grapes someday).  But after many years in the ground, and its height reaching nearly two stories now, I just wasn’t sure if it would ever bloom.  Recently, due to HOA landscaping guidelines, I needed to give it a good trimming back, which included removal of a lot of the little baby plants around the shallow root system.  I knew the plant was in a little shock but was doing just fine.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing.  At first it started with a couple of very dark purple horizontal pods.

6-2-15 003 6-2-15 069 6-2-15 070 6-2-15 072

As they opened, I was super stoked-it was actually blooming!  They blooms weren’t even the traditional brightly colored bird of paradise flowers – they were violet and white.

6-2-15 117

Incredible!  I guess the best things in life really are worth waiting for.  Giddy like a kid with an advent calendar, I couldn’t wait to take pix of the progress of this gift!

6-8-15 076 6-8-15 078 6-8-15 080 6-8-15 082

Rest in Peace Pedro Orlando Adan-Generao.  May the joy and warmth of your smile and life be ever present in the blooms of the flowers and the warmth of the sun on our skin.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Halau and commented:
    The second year my former Bird of Paradise Gigantis bloomed … this was my office plant in my Downtown San Francisco office years ago. She’s in the care of my oldest student and dear friend, Trish Lee. Here’s her blog about this amazing plant. Enjoy! It is truly magnificent.

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