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Quesapita or Pitadilla?

6-2-15 130

Either way, the names say it all.  I happened to have some leftover fresh pita and thought – maybe I can stuff it with cheese and cook it like a grilled cheese sandwich.  And it worked!  There are no special tricks here.  Simply preheat a pan to medium heat, cut off the end of a pita, fill it with some slices of cheese, butter one side and cook for around 2 minutes meanwhile buttering the other side.  Cook on the other side for two minutes or until browned and the cheese inside is melted.

6-2-15 120 6-2-15 122 6-2-15 124 6-2-15 126

Easy, hand held cheese, um, quesapita? Pitadilla? Grilled cheeseapita?  You be the judge!

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