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Steak And Mushroom Quesadilla On The Grill

7-11-15 004

Sometimes dinner at our house just means repurposing leftovers into something new and delicious.  Tonight’s dinner was just that.  This quesadilla, cooked on the grill, made from pizza topping and steak leftovers and a few slices of cheese, made an incredible new family favorite dish.

7-11-15 021

Steak And Mushroom Quesadilla

Flour tortillas
Grilled steak, cut into small pieces
Thinly sliced mushrooms
Finely diced red bell pepper
Thinly sliced onion
Finely Diced onion
Finely diced cilantro
Slices of cheddar cheese
Slices of Monterey Jack cheese

Light coals in BBQ.  Place griddle or pizza stone on grill.  Once coals begin to grey, put lid on BBQ and reduce heat.  On a pizza peel, lay down a tortilla, top with slices of cheese, diced onion, diced cilantro, steak, mushroom, bell pepper and sliced onions.  Top with a few more cheese slices.

7-11-15 004 7-11-15 005 7-11-15 006

Slide bottom half of quesadilla on preheated griddle and top with a second tortilla.  With lid off the BBQ, cook for a couple of minutes.  Once cheese starts melting and edges of bottom tortilla begins to slightly curl, flip and cook quesadilla for another couple minutes.

7-11-15 008 7-11-15 010 7-11-15 014

Using pizza peel, remove from heat, cut and serve.

7-11-15 021 7-11-15 024


Eat Well!



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