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Breakfast Burritos with Peppers, Spinach and Hashbrowns


Breakfast is good any time of day! These burritos were a quick and tasty dinner. Prep and cook time took less than 30 minutes.

Note: For the hashbrowns, I use a brand of dried potatoes that you reconstitute by adding hot water. This recipe should also work with fresh or frozen hashbrowns, but they may need a few extra minutes of cook time.


Breakfast Burritos
1 small bell pepper, cut into small pieces
1 cup hashbrowns
1/2 cup chopped spinach
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
3 Tablespoons sliced green onions
2 eggs
2 Tablespoons milk
Salt and Pepper
4 flour tortillas
Sour cream (optional)
Salsa (optional)

Heat a small amount of oil or butter (I used olive oil) in a pan over medium to medium high heat. When pan and oil are hot, add peppers and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

IMG_5032 IMG_5035

Add hashbrowns (see note above about hashbrowns) and spread evenly in the pan. Allow to cook 4-5 minutes. Stir the hashbrowns around the pan to get a nice even crisping on all of the potatoes, rather than flipping them in sections. Cook another 3-4 minutes, stirring every minute or so. Remove the hashbrown mixture and set aside.

IMG_5037 IMG_5039 IMG_5040

Whip eggs and milk in a small bowl, add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Lower pan to medium heat. Add oil or butter if needed. Add eggs. Immediately begin to scramble them with a spatula. After 1-2 minutes, add in hasbrown mixture, spinach, half the cheese (1/4 cup) and green onions. Mix together. Cook an additional 2-3 minutes or until the cheese has melted.

IMG_5041 IMG_5042 IMG_5044 IMG_5045

Serve in warm tortillas with remaining cheese. Add a little sour cream and salsa for extra flavor!

IMG_5046 IMG_5047



2 thoughts on “Breakfast Burritos with Peppers, Spinach and Hashbrowns

  1. I love breakfast burritos! Amelia, This dish is not only handy for its versatility as an any-time-of-day dish, but also as a potentially mobile dish! I love collecting meal ideas that I can pack up and take out of the house for road tripping, picnicking, and other on-the-go needs! Thanks for the recipe!

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