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Fast Food Friday – Pot Roast Leftover Hot Dip

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I know, I know-what’s with all the hot dip!?!  But it’s a really fast and delicious way to repurpose leftovers into hot, bubbling cheese goo!  And regardless of what we put into our hot dips, they always seem to be a party hit.  In honor of Fast Food Friday, here is another one for you.

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Pot Roast Leftover Hot Dip

1 cup +/- leftover diced pot roast vegetables
1 cup +/- leftover diced pot roast (I’m using a leftover new York here – there is never leftover pot roast meat)
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup mozzarella
1 cup grated parmesan cheese (I’m using leftover parm/romano mix here)
½ cup grated Monterey Jack cheese (also a random leftover portion)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  In a medium bowl, mix mayonnaise, mozzarella, parmesan and jack cheeses until well combined, stir in vegetables and meat.

6-2-15 014 6-2-15 016 6-2-15 019 6-2-15 021

Spread mixture in to a 9×9 baking pan and bake for 25-35 minutes or until edges are brown and center is brown and bubbly.

Eat Well!



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