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Fast Food Friday – Chocolate Filled and Coated Ice Cream Cone


I admit it.  I love Nestle Drumstick ice cream cones.  But ice cream novelties are expensive and don’t last very long.  Here is a delicious “cheater” that is fun for kids to make, at around 1/3 of the cost.  Not to mention, there are plenty of leftover ingredients for other applications.  What’s even better is that you can use the ingredients you want.  Nestle may have the corner on the chocolate market but Tillamook makes real ice cream.


Chocolate Filled and Topped Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream cones (cake, waffle, sugar – your choice)
Vanilla ice cream
Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping
Finely chopped nuts (optional)
Dowel or chopstick to form hole

Before you begin – shake the topping very well (around one minute).  Fill ice cream cone(s) to desired height and place in freezer for around 15 minutes.  Remove from freezer and, using a dowel or chopstick, poke a hole down the center of the ice cream.

IMG_0086 IMG_0095

Shake topping some more and carefully drizzle down the hole, filling hole to the top.  Working over a sink or plate to catch any drips, drizzle topping lightly and in layers over the top of the ice cream.  If using nuts, top chocolate with nuts.  Let cone rest for a couple of minutes for chocolate to harden.


Eat Well!


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