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Waffle Wednesday – The Waffle Burger

7-24-15 016

Seriously?  A Waffle Burger?  Has she lost her mind?  Oh yes, I’m waffle nuts for sure.  Here is another culinary creation from my waffle iron – The Waffle Burger.  Technically, it’s a bacon, cheese, fresh ground tri-tip waffle burger but once you’ve violated the sanctity of the burger, additional ingredients are all pedantic.

7-24-15 013

The Waffle Burger

One cooked hamburger (or cheeseburger) patty
One burger bun
Desired condiments

Assemble burger in the regular fashion, place on a waffle iron, smash and cook for around 2 minutes or until waffle is golden.  Serve.

7-24-15 012 7-24-15 013 7-24-15 016 7-24-15 023

Eat Well!


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