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Cheat Codes: Clothes Pins in the Kitchen

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Don’t you hate it when you open a box of cereal, bag of chips, or really a bag of anything in your kitchen and find that it was left open? Then you’re left with stale cereal, dried out baby carrots, chunky brown sugar… mostly you’re left with a waste of money.

I keep a bag of clothes pins in the kitchen to not only combat this problem, but to save space. By recycling cereal boxes and pinning the cereal bag closed, it saves me from having 2-3 over sized boxes in my cabinets for the duration of the life of a box of cereal (which can be quite a while around my house).

Chip clips are cheaply made and comically large – useless to me. I’ve noticed recently that some companies are using products that supposedly seal themselves, or come with a reusable piece of tape – also useless.

In my house, everyone understands the clothes pins. It’s an easy system. The little red bag of clothes pins hangs on the outside of the pantry. It is really easy to grab one, seal up a bag, and to return it to the red bag. They’re also easy for small fingers to operate.

IMG_5328 IMG_5327

Can’t pin it? Ziploc it if you have to. And if one clothes pin breaks, there’s about 25 more in the bag!


3 thoughts on “Cheat Codes: Clothes Pins in the Kitchen

  1. I use clothes pins too! I agree that the ‘chip clips’ don’t work as well and break very easily! I also save the bands from fresh asparagus and other fresh veggies and wrap coffee bags, brown sugar, anything that can handle being rubber-banded! Thanks for sharing 😀

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