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S’mores in the Oven


Although everyone is back to school and the campfires have mostly been extinguished, my daughter keeps asking me for s’mores. So I made some easy ones in the oven. They were pretty easy to make. Easy clean up too!

For each s’more you’ll need the usual:
2 graham crackers squares
2-3 chocolate rectangles
1-2 marshmallows (I had some jumbo marshmallows so we only used one)

IMG_5406 IMG_5412 IMG_5414

Set your oven broiler to low. I recommend using parchment paper or tin foil on your sheet pan to make clean up super easy.

Place chocolate on one side of the graham cracker, marshmallows on the other.

Put sheet pan it the center of the oven (not directly under the broiler). Check on marshmallows every minute or so, they will brown quickly.


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