Fast Food Friday – Longanisa and Pandesal Sandwiches


I have to give a huge food blogger “thank you” to my dear friend Victoria at The Halau for getting me hooked on, and teaching me to cook, these delicious Filipino sausages many years ago.  Longanisa and pandesal sandwiches make regular rotation on “snack night” at our house and my daughter loves to take any leftovers for lunch!

I’ve only had longanisa homemade once, by a woman named Corey with whom Victoria and I used to commute on occasion.  They were awesome!  But homemade longanisa is hard to come by so I got these locally at Seafood City here in Vallejo.  So, if you, your auntie, uncle, grandma, cousin, neighbor or even someone you buy them from in a parking lot make the best longanisa from scratch and want to sell me some, please email me!!!!!


Longanisa Sausage Sandwiches

Longanisa (I like garlic ones)

No really – that’s it. No other ingredients.  Just two.  The trick is in how you cook them….

Preheat large skillet to medium heat.  Place sausages in pan and allow sausages to begin to blister on the outside.  Cover pan with lid and reduce heat to medium low.  Let cook, shuffling pan from time to time until cooked through (they will look reddish).  Once cooked through, using a toothpick, pierce areas all over the sausages.  This should produce a small drip or stream of juice to come out of the sausages.  This is what you want!  This juice is going to continue cooking and make a sort of sauce for the sausages.  If the longanisa don’t release any juice, continue cooking for longer and try again.  If the longanisa internal temperature isn’t hot enough, no juice will come out.  Once juices have been released, continue cooking a few more minutes.


Serve hot with pandesal.

Eat Well!


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