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Asparagus Again?


I love local foraging so today is a treat.  Around 15 years ago, I had a fairly successful attempt at growing asparagus in a planter box on my back patio.  It was actually a little too successful as it grew very quickly, always went to seed before picking and when I finally gave up, it took a really long time to actually get it to stop growing in that planter box, even long after all of the dirt and plastic lining had gone.  Eventually it did go away.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved what little asparagus I got from my planter box but it was never going to produce asparagus in a quantity in which we can eat it.  Fast forward to this evening when Dave says “is that asparagus out back?”  Sure as I’m blogging it is!  All these years later….asparagus. I trimmed back what spears looked edible.  Still not enough for dinner but maybe a good addition to a quiche or soup.

IMG_4140 IMG_4138

Happy Spring!

Eat Well,


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