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Fast Food Friday – Review of Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts


It’s Fast Food Friday again and, there isn’t any food much faster than Pop-Tarts, though I’m still baffled at the fact there are microwave instructions on the Pop-Tarts package.  I guess in our world of instant gratification, toasters just aren’t fast enough.


I do enjoy an occasional Pop-Tart but it always seems that when in the super market, the Pop-Tart section has new and different flavors.  They all seem like they would be good ideas but where is the nice lady with the samples trying to sell you on their new products?  I’m about to save you a little time (between 3 seconds and around 2 minutes, according to package instructions), and a little bit of money.

I recently purchase a couple of “limited edition” flavors of Pop-Tarts.  One was the Maple Bacon flavor.  I first sampled it without toasting (raw, as the kids call it).  The flavor was horrible.  I can’t even say “horrible” enough times.  Perhaps there was bacon flavor in it and I also detected some maple but mostly it just tasted bad.  Bad enough that I had to spit it out.

Next, I toasted it.  WOW – what a delicious aroma it fills the house with.  Makes the whole place smell like fresh maple bars.  However, toasting it seemed to make the flavor even worse.  Is that even possible?!?

Save your dollar fifty and 3 seconds-2 minutes on this product and….

Eat Well!



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