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Cheat Codes – Peeling Pearl Onions


I LOVE tiny onions.  I remember our mom putting them in with the pot roast when we were kids.  Tiny onions are really a treat for any dish.  I buy them in bulk whenever I can get a good price.  My only complaint about tiny onions is how tedious they are to peel.  But sometimes the kitchen gods impart to you some cool hacks when you least expect it….

Tonight’s dish was kabobs using the tiny onions.  I hadn’t noticed but several of my tiny onions had begun to mold.  So I rinsed them in a colander before cutting the ends and any bad spots off.  (You can’t just waste onions commanding $2.49 a pound.)  In the mean time, I had other things to do.  When I came back, I noticed that several of the onions peels had begun to wrinkle – kind of like your skin looks after a long bath.  Guess what – they were a breeze to peel!  So, for the rest of the onions I had to peel, I cut off both ends, threw them in a bowl, covered with a little water and let the bulk of them soak as I peeled each one.  This cut my prep time into a fraction!  Yes!  Tiny onions on the menu more regularly!

IMG_4639 IMG_4643 IMG_4645 IMG_4647

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