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Cheat Codes: How To Keep Bamboo Skewers From Burning On The Grill


So, we’ve all done it, right?!? Meat and veggies are ready to go, skewers have been soaking for hours, maybe even overnight.  Then you put your nice kebabs on the grill and patiently wait for your food to turn into culinary gold, hopefully worthy of breaking the internet.  Then-BAM- your sticks still burn to a crisp.  And now you have tiny little burnt toothpicks of food and no stick left on which to carry it around.  I know – it’s all very sad.  But don’t cry – CPM has the solution! We learned this handy trick from our neighbor and awesome grill master, Anthony, who always rocks the grill at the community BBQ/Pool Party.

When you are getting your coals ready on the BBQ, push them over to one side of the grill.  Then fit your grill grate with a double layer of aluminum foil, leaving room over the coals for the food while the skewers rest over the aluminum foil.  This trick not only allows your food to cook without your skewers burning, but also allows you to turn your skewers without burning your hands!

IMG_5178 IMG_5179 IMG_5182 IMG_5201

So then came the real test – could I just skip the soaking altogether?  It worked!  No soaking was NO problem.  Winner!

Easy, right?!?  Thanks, Anthony!


Eat Well!


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