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CPM Takes First Place At The Solano County Fair – Twice


Did you know that Solano County Fair has a nightly cooking competition?  How much fun is that?!?  Each night there is a different category (entree, appetizer, etc.)  and a new group of fierce competitors, all looking to take home the top prize and bragging rights.  The rules are simple:  Bring in a dish, having no fewer than 2 servings, plate, and be judged.  The twist?  All dishes must include a “special ingredient” – that is, an ingredient home grown or grown locally.  Not too hard of a task for those of us in Vallejo.  Even foraging around town for free, you can find things like figs, blackberries, guavas, asparagus, rosemary, fennel, mint, nuts, citrus and even artichokes.  Those of our regular readers know that CPM is dedicated to fresh and local ingredients as a matter of course so these rules are no problem!  Trish competed in both the “appetizer” and “fair food” competitions, armed with all of our favorite recent recipes.

Thursday night the theme was “appetizer” so she competed with Amelia’s Goat Cheese and Fresh Peach Spread on Homemade Pita.  A win!

Sunday night the theme was “fair food” so she competed with Kofta Kebabs dressed with homemade Tzatziki Sauce and Homemade Pita.  Another win! Sweet!

Thanks so much to the judges and everyone who came out to support the cause!  Supporting your local county fair supports community, youth, education, the arts, fun, family and all of those local ingredients we love so much.  CPM recently found out that many awards at Solano County Fair can be sponsored for just a few dollars.  This year’s fair is over now but if you wish to sponsor fair awards for 2017, you can do so at




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