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How to Celebrate National Beer Day

I keep telling my husband about these National Days that pop up everywhere. Burrito day. Donut day. Peanut butter day. He likes to ask me things like “Who makes up this stuff? Why would they make peanut butter a holiday? I don’t get the day off.”

Made up or not, National Beer Day is something with which we can totally get on board at my house. I figured out the proper way to celebrate!

I was out running errands and I knew it was national Beer Day, so I went all the way out to BevMo, as they are one of the only places around that sell his favorite beer: Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat. 

Then I thought, this needs a card and a bow, and headed to the dollar store. A 50¢ card and 50¢ bow would do the trick. And they also happen to sell Nacho Cheese Bugles. Yum.

A quick flick of the sharpie, all set up nicely in the “beer fridge”, and – boom. It’s a real holiday! 

For me, a little Downtown Brown. Cheers! Happy National Beer Day! 

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