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3, 6, 9 Neapolitan Pizza Crust


For those of you who liked my 3, 6, 9 mac-n-cheese, here is another 3,6,9 recipe for you.  A pizza dough so perfect that it’ll blow your mind.  You will need a kitchen scale for this recipe.

3, 6, 9 Pizza Dough

15 oz of flour, divided into 9 oz and 6 oz portions
3 oz gluten flour
3 grams yeast
6 grams salt
12 oz water (filtered if your water quality is poor)

In a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, mix together 6 oz flour, gluten flour, salt, yeast and water.  Mix on low speed for 3 minutes.  Let mixture stand until bubbles start to form (around 9 minutes).  Place dough hook on mixer and incorporate remaining flour.  Once flour is incorporated, kneed for 6 minutes.  This dough can be used right away or refrigerated or frozen.  I use a 6 ounce portion of dough for my pizza crusts.  Cooks up perfectly – fluffy edge, crisp bottom, done in precisely 9 minutes.  No fuss, no guesswork.  Just some 3,6,9 magic.

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