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Fresh Fried Tortilla Chips

A lot of our most favorite recipes at CPM come from having been too broke or too unwilling to go back to the store for that one more thing.  So there have been plenty of times we’ve had to make what we need out of what we already have on hand.  Call it our own broke and/or lazy version of Chopped.

Take tortilla chips for example.  They seem pretty cheap but if you are throwing a party, one 10 ounce bag of chips isn’t going to cut it.

Store Bought Math:

Bag Weight: 10-14 ounces

Cost:  $3-$4

Fresh Made Math:

10 ounces (1 ounce per tortilla)

Cost:  50 cents in tortillas

75 cents in oil

Total:  $1.25

And, since the oil will stay clean for a very long time so the more you fry, the less it costs.  In fact, the chip oil stays so clean, I can use it over and over indefinitely.

But really, we’re talking apples vs. oranges here.  We all know fresh is better.  And these three simple ingredients, put together will wow your guests.  They will mutter things like “these are the best chips I’ve ever had,” while stuffing them in their face by the handful.  Once you’ve had fresh, you can’t go back.

Fresh Fried Tortilla Chips

  1. Cut tortillas into desired shapes and let set on the counter while you…..
  2. Line a colander or large bowl with several crumpled up paper towels.
  3. Preheat oil in a large skillet or heavy pot to about 360 degrees.

Fry tortillas in batches large enough to mostly fill the pan without crowding (around 12 chips in my cast iron skillet).  Once the very edges start to brown (around 1 minute), flip the chips and cook around 1 more minute or until golden.

Place hot chips in paper towel-lined bowl and sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt.  Repeat with more crumpled up towels and chips.  When the chips are drained, they can be removed to a separate bowl.  If you want to reheat them for that extra special touch, place them on a cookie sheet and bake in a 400 degree oven for a few minutes.  EVERYONE loves hot chips.

Notes:  These chips will keep in a paper bag on the counter for a couple of days and are best reheated in the oven as mentioned above.

This is also an awesome way to use old, semi-stale tortillas.  You actually want them to be a little dry so the tortilla doesn’t soak up too much oil while frying.  So next time you have a sad bag of tortillas, instead of tossing them out, maybe it’s an opportunity for the family to have nachos on fresh-fried chips for dinner.

Eat Well!


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