Uncle Dave’s Café, Port Orchard, Washington

Have you had the “best biscuits and gravy anywhere”? If you haven’t, you need to check out Uncle Dave’s Café. A Port Orchard tradition for over 26 years, Uncle Dave’s cranks out 200-300 meals a day to hungry patrons who come from long distances, just for the awesome biscuits and gravy. With sit down booths, a conversation counter and some of the friendliest staff around (some having been there over 20 years), it’s no wonder people flock to Dave’s!

CPM had the opportunity to sit down with the new owners Of Uncle Dave’s Café (our brother and sister-in-law), Anthony and Cameron Cutler. “The timing was just right and Dave [the original owner of Uncle Dave’s] was selling,” says Cameron. “Dave’s has been around for a long time and already has a loyal following.” So loyal, in fact, that, even as we sat there while the café was closed, people were still banging on the door wanting in.


The Cutlers took over as the new owners of Uncle Dave’s in April of this year and assumed operations in May. Anthony, a former contractor and fantastic cook in his own right, is excited to be the new “Dave”. He even wakes up at 1:00 in the morning, just like Dave, to peel hundreds of pounds of potatoes before the café opens. “I’ve been coming here for 26 years as a customer. The food has always been good. We even have a customer that comes in from California that orders a dozen biscuits and a gallon of gravy to take back home. It’s that good.”

Are there any changes coming to Uncle Dave’s Café? “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” says Cameron. “Dave’s already has a good product and a good customer base.” And Cameron, who hasn’t quit her day job as a Strategic Account Manager for one the largest computer corporations, knows a good strategy when she sees one. “We may in the future add some specials or desserts. We definitely will add a credit card reader very soon and make some updates to the kitchen. We did add new pull tabs with higher amounts.”

Come down and meet the Cutlers and have some breakfast! Uncle Dave’s is located on the corner of Jackson and Lund in the Jackson & Lund Plaza in sunny Port Orchard, Washington. Dave’s is open 6 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 6 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Breakfast is served all day but be sure to check out the daily specials before ordering. Check out the menu below!

Eat Well!


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