Locking it Down with CPM – Day 1

Day 1

  • Toilet paper count: 17 Costco rolls, 12 rolls angel soft
  • My band aid supply is dwindling rapidly, as my daughter has an owie.
  • Trying to decide what kind of laundry soap to order from amazon, because they don’t carry Arm & Hammer. Suggestions?
  • Saturday is clean the whole house day, so we will be having some serious fun mopping and scrubbing toilets.
  • Later, we’re going to start a 2,000-piece puzzle from the closet then likely discover it is really an 1,800 piece puzzle.
  • We still have fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dinner last night: salad, chicken and smoked mozzarella sausage over linguine, and I turned a sad “everything” bagel into cheesy garlic bread.

Now is the time to do really fun things that never get done. For instance, why not pressure wash your oven racks?

This is the last store I visited. It was a really important stop!!

We’re not really under lockdown or quarantine due to COVID 19. I’m just locking it down! Schools are closed for at least two weeks, leaving my 10-year-old at home. We have several days of rain forecasted, so I won’t have any construction work for a bit, and absolutely NO ONE is ordering any catering. My husband is still working Monday through Friday, in an office that has less than 10 people. The county we live in has ordered gatherings of more than 50 people cancelled, and when you live in a city of 100,000+ people, everywhere you go is an area populated by more than 50 people.

I don’t see any reason to leave the house. We don’t need to be out among the shoppers buying up all the toilet paper and canned goods. We have TP, we have a decent stock pile of food. We have partial puzzles! So – when you’re locking it down and you have a blog, you get to blogging!

Stay Well!

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