Locking it Down with CPM – Day 3

It’s still raining today, but sunshine is coming. Then we can be outside, do yard work and walk the dog. I was telling my husband that I wish we had held off the cleaning and organizing we did recently… because I got time now! AND a clean garage. I suppose I can clean all the closets and cabinets again.

More restrictions keep coming. California shut down bars, nightclubs, breweries and wineries to the public. In Washington state, where my brother and sister-in-law own Uncle Dave’s Café, all restaurants have been ordered to close. They are still able (currently) to do delivery and curbside pick up.

Construction is underway on our Lego City, where the mini-figures will be able to shop at the store, eat at the diner, swim at the pool, and hang out at the gazebo in the park. The mini-figures are relieved to not be under lock-down or quarantine!

Day 3 lunch: Salad wraps, baked beans, and jalapeno cheddar Lays (Lays gets me every year with their new flavors! Pringles, too. We purchased Roasted Turkey Pringles last year. They really tasted like roasted turkey. It was super weird.)

Day 3 dinner: Chicken enchiladas, Veggie Spanish Rice and Scratch Made Refried Beans

Ran out of bread. NOT going to the store unless I must. I forgot how damn delicious homemade bread was. I didn’t have any honey to make this Butter Top Honey Bread recipe. No problem! Just replace it with 1:1 white sugar.

Yesterdays playlist? I told Alexa to play the station 80’s pop. Started off with “Under Pressure” by Queen and “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel. Yep… seems about right!

Here’s some cute for your day! My best kitty buddy, Snoop.

Stay Well!

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