Locking it Down with CPM – Day 4

NOW were on lockdown… I got that going for me! They’re not calling it lockdown or quarantine though, they’re calling it “shelter in place”. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the six San Francisco Bay Area counties who have been shut down. I had a panicky minute (or 30) after I realized that I’d be at home with a mouthy pre-teen for 22 days. At minimum. They’ll let us know later if we can leave our houses on April 7.

How to Monday the Mondayest Monday ever:
1. Get provisions
2. Get put on lockdown for 22 days.
3. Beer thirty.

I’ve been saying “I’m not going to the store.” I folded yesterday. I had explained to my daughter that we’re not spending 22 days staring at our phones. We’re going to read, do math, cook food, learn to do new things. She said she wanted to learn to make lasagna. Lasagna. Seriously? Lasagna requires a trip to the store. I talked her down from lasagna to Stuffed Shells, as it’s less time consuming, and she has the attention span of, well, a 10-year-old. But this still required a trip to the store.

I’m super glad I went to the store when I did. They announced the shutdown while I was at Raley’s. I’m sure things got even nuttier after I checked out. I was 6th in line behind 6 full carts and when I left, there were 8 full carts behind me. I wanted to give the poor cashier a hug and a cookie, but proper social distancing won’t allow for this. I didn’t see any altercations, everyone had that “we’re all in the same boat” look on their faces… but I did see a man who lost his car in the parking lot and he was PISSED.

Also to the guy who brought two little kids to the store then stared at his phone while he stood in line, and the kids touched EVERYTHING including rubbing the floor and then licked their fingers. Yuck. Eeeeewwww. Please don’t let your kids do this when the world is healthy.

Raley’s was sold out of: toilet paper, baby wipes, all cleaners besides Windex, paper towels, breads and buns, milk, fresh meats (they had bacon), beans and rice. Nearly out of tortillas, flour, sugar, pasta. I was surprised that I was able to get bleach for my laundry.

We’re still doing good on toilet paper at my house! 15 costco rolls, 12 angel soft.


I found my Mom’s soul mate, this guy, who bought 4 boxes of wine. Love you Mom! Not sure if you’re reading these…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I bought a brisket, cabbage and red potatoes last week before the crap hit the fan. Pics tomorrow.

Stay Well!

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