Day 9 – Locking it Down with CPM

Do you know people who are sick? We do. An older family friend is ill. A relative in their 20’s. Neither of them knows what kind of illness they have. They just know to self-isolate and “come back in two weeks if you have the same symptoms”.

Are you following instructions, or being a Coviditot?

Covidiot: A person who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety. Or, a person who hoards goods, denying them from neighbors. (Thanks for this gem, Urban Dictionary)

We’d like to implore everyone to do the right thing. If you’re not an essential worker or going out for essential needs… stay home. Stop hoarding. Order take out. Please encourage others to do the same. The longer we refuse to follow instructions, the longer we do this for. The longer we’re out of masks for nurses. The longer the kids are out of school.

Don’t have sleepovers and invite other kids over. Don’t go shopping every day. Don’t be a Covidiot.

Are you practicing social distancing? Cause some people don’t get it. This Bay Area Raley’s gets it. Every time I have to go to a store, the person behind me practically has their cart shoved up my butt.

A tip for today: Change your hand towels. Every day. Or more.

Hand towels can be a great breeding ground for germs. A few people use them, they become wet and remain hanging in, well, the toilet room. Compound that with improper hand washing or a family member wiping their dirty face on it, and you have germ towel. Reduce the spread of germs by replacing hand towels daily. No need to hoard paper towels or hand sanitizer – freshly laundered towels are just as good and better for the planet.

Seems like a good time to grow ones own food!

Did you buy the Ding Dongs that were on sale at Costco? Try freezing them. Soft and delicious frozen treat. It’s like ice cream cake! [The one on the right is frozen]

Stay well! And stay home!

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