Gummy Worm Waffle


Oh no, she’s waffling again!  HAHAHAHA!  Waffling is a fun use of any shelter-in-place type activity.  For instance -who could forget CPM’s great Waffle Bowl 2016 during Super Bowl 50, when we brought you crazy waffles like the French Bread With Goat Cheese and Chocolate Waffle or the 7-layer Dip Waffle Dilla Waffling can be all tons of fun for kids of all ages.  The rules are simple – there are none!  Like this fabulous little number – the Gummy Worm Waffle.  Just two ingredients – croissants and gummy worms (though any gummy creature should work just fine).


Gummy Worm Waffle

1 croissant
3-5 gummy worms

Preheat waffle iron to medium heat, slice croissant most of the way through, leaving a pocket with one in tact side.  Insert gummy worms.


Press in waffle iron until golden – around two minutes.  Once golden, remove from waffle iron, let cool slightly and enjoy!

Eat Well!


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