Day 15 – Locking it Down with CPM

Did you know if you’re always home doing laundry, you only need to own 3-4 outfits? Pajamas, whatever.

Home-school fifth grade is coming along, and school will remain closed until May 1. The school so far has only provided a math and reading packet, which we will complete in no time. I’ve also added spelling (apparently, they don’t have spelling in fifth grade anymore), states and capitals, social studies and geography. Spelling words are easy – I just pick the words she spells wrong and bam – spelling words.

I told my daughter that if she passed her spelling test, I would make pizza. While I detest leftover night, I do love leftovers on pizza night!

My hands have been washed so many times that they feel like beef jerky. And not even the good stuff. I’m talking the 25¢ beef jerky in a community container at every quick stop in the Pacific Northwest. I hope those containers have been taken out back, doused in gasoline and set on fire. Germy nasty yuck.

Our friends/family who were ill are feeling better, but one of our dog friends had to cross the rainbow bridge. Kisses, Jazzy!

Scenes from a Food Maxx… I can only assume by these empty shelves that people are planning to eat bacon and menstruate, sitting high on a throne of toilet paper and bleach. Every empty shelf destroys my faith in humanity a little more as I don’t understand the hoarding… chickens will still lay eggs, cows will need to be milked, vegetables will still be harvested. Whether you bought 10 bags of maxi pads and 75 rolls of toilet paper, you will still have to leave the house. You will run out of other things. One can only live on SPAM and maxi pads for so long before one requires fresh meat and produce, shampoo or bath soap. I was unable to get bath soap on this shopping trip. Bath soap. Who’s got a couple bars of Dove original? Hook a girl up.

A different kind of tragedy struck in the 925. I had to say goodbye to my favorite painting jacket. The zipper was hosed. It couldn’t be saved. RIP blue Champion hoodie and thanks for your service! LOL

Stay well!

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