Day 18 – Locking it Down with CPM

Yes, yes. Definitely the 97th of March. Only 198 days in April, followed by at least 3 weeks of May. Then we should be caught up with the new shelter in place order for much of the San Francisco Bay area – until May 3.

Why do they send this stuff out in the middle of the weekday? Can’t they catch us on a Friday at 7 after a nice cocktail or two?

Wanna give a shout out to my Soap Sista, Sabrina, for the Dove soap hook-up. She saw my cry for help on the blog and sent some on over. I reciprocated with her favorite kind of enchiladas. We’ve all got to take care of each other. From a safe distance.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to work this week! It’s quite essential to replace rotten deck boards, so when people go walk their dogs for the 57th time today, they won’t fall through the decks. In the county where I live, most construction projects were suspended today, commercial and residential. The county in which I work has no such restrictions, and low virus spread. Also there’s only 3 of us on the job site working 3 decks. I call that good social distancing!

Since I got to go out, I thought I’d share some random things I found!

This mesh reindeer, standing watch at a “DO NOT ENTER” sign.

And this end of a gourd, stuck onto the end of a broken tree branch.

Important Reminders:
Stay safe
Wash your hands
Flush wisely
Open the curtains
Eat well
Be a good human

Stay Well!

2 thoughts on “Day 18 – Locking it Down with CPM

  1. Awe thanks Amelia! I got you girl! And thank you SO MUCH for my chicken enchiladas, you’re right my absolute favorite kind! That was super kind of you!

    Lmk if you end up needing another bar or 2 of soap. Btw, I saw Amazon has some available too.

    Also, btw, my cell number is 530-604-4956. Feel free to text anytime and lmk if there is something I can help with.

    You guys take good care and stay safe! 🤗 Sabrina


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