Day 29 – Locking it Down with CPM (Hoppy Easter!)

Happy Easter, peeps! Family and friends: I wish we could share a meal today, but I’m not sad or disappointed. We can all gather again soon. We will be even happier for our gatherings.

Have a wonderful Easter, friends, and remember:
Be happy today! Be thankful if you and your family are safe at home!
Be thankful of those keeping us running!
Don’t read the news today.
Open the curtains.
Do things you enjoy.

I’ve been keeping busy. The school finally sent out distance learning, and we got that all figured out.

I ordered some fabric from JoAnn and began sewing masks with this old, basic sewing machine that is frustrating on its best day. I haven’t taken it out of the box in probably 7 years. It jams repeatedly, snaps my thread, and won’t fill a bobbin evenly. But I trudged ahead, calling it every naughty word in the book of naughty words, determined to sew masks for people who need them (20 distributed so far). My guardian angel of sewing found out that I was using this old machine to sew masks and purchased me a brand-new Pfaff machine. It runs like a dream. I haven’t cussed at it once aside from the initial “How the &!$@ do I use this thing?”. Turns out it was super easy to use. I didn’t know sewing could be so easy and, dare I say, enjoyable. Thank you, Barbara!

Aside from the masks and school, I took a giant trip to Costco. GIANT. I haven’t been there in over a month. I don’t plan to go back for over a month. My cart definitely looked like 3 months of supplies. I had to strong arm it up to the checkout with my right arm while my left arm held the last two items I picked up, shampoo and conditioner. It only took 9 minutes to get in the door, not bad. They didn’t have any toilet paper, disinfecting cleaners, or good bacon – but I was able to get everything else on my list and then some.

Stay Well!

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