CPM and The People Feeding Project: Vol. 1

Have you been wondering what CPM has been up to lately? Look no further, we’re here to tell you all about it!

Did you know that the homeless population of the state of California is estimated to be at least 180,000 people? The population grows regularly, too. In Vallejo, California, the population is very evident. If you look around almost anywhere, you can find people living in tents. Sometimes in droves. The people in these tents are real people, they have real stories, real lives… and they have real problems. Problems that can’t be solved by the government throwing money at the homelessness epidemic. Problems that can’t be solved with handing out job applications or work clothes, complaining about the homeless problem, wishing the problem would go away.

It’s not a problem that we know how to fix, either. What do we know how to do? Feed people. Each week we deliver meals and supplies to many, many people. The people are always so gracious and happy to see us. They know we’ve arrived with a bag of food that will stop their stomach from growling, if even for just a day. We round up clothing and bedding destined for the thrift store and deliver them to people who need a clean change of clothes and a warm blanket at night.

We have connected with a local group who has already been working with the homeless population of Vallejo, delivering much needed supplies and assistance.

We are frequently asked “How can I help” by friends and neighbors. The answer is simple. Help in any capacity you can! Bring us a case of water. Your overpurchased groceries. Fruit from your trees. Tennis shoes you never wear. Blankets taking up space in your closets. Bring us all of your hotel toiletries. Make 10 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us to deliver.

Of course, we could use cash and gift cards, but that’s harder to come by. Rest assured that any and all monetary donations stays in our hands. We use it to purchase food, water, toiletries, tampons, wipes, packaging and many other things.

During today’s delivery we were repeatedly asked for socks. We’ll even take your used, clean socks that are in good shape!


On the menu this week: Goulash, chili rice, funfetti cupcake, fried rice, bread pudding, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a granola bar and some candy.

Here are some of the meals we’ve delivered over the past few months:

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