Welcome to cookplantmeditate. We are two sisters who like to cook, plant & meditate. But mostly cook. We’re so glad to share our recipes and more with the world!

Contact Trish or Amelia at cookplantmeditate@gmail.com with any questions, comments or recipe requests.

For catering or cake services, please email cookplantmeditate@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Trish,
    I enjoyed meeting and talking with you last night at Robert & Regina’s home.

    I’m browsing through your impressive website and its varied recipies. Truly, everything looks declicious and I’m getting hungrier by the minute. And, I like your smooth writing style and the wit that’s sprinkled in with it. (I’m not sure if your archives section is purposely spelled “Achives” as a culinary play on words, but it made me smile.)

    As we head into the Holiday Season and gift giving, your recipes for baked cookies and other treats will interest me most. Spring and summer will have me searching for your BBQ, salad and dessert recipes. Still, I hope to be a regular visitor to your website throughout the year.

    In short, cookplantmeditate.com is the only website I expect to visit when planning something creative and good to eat. Thanks for sharing, Trish.

    Anthony Cruz

    • Dear Anthony;

      So nice to meet you as well and enjoy some mutual asada, conversation and November sunshine! I hope your trip back was swift and comfortable. Thanks for the comments! I will email you separately to get your mailing address for those jams. Pineapple Mango will be fresh sometime this week. 🙂



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