Risk it for the Biscuit with Chef Robert Hesse

“You gotta risk it for the biscuit” was a most memorable quote uttered by our friend, Chef Robert Hesse, in a recent phone interview.  Even though he’s busy building a sandwich empire with his business partner, Craig Munroe, sandwich doesn’t rhyme with “risk it”.  For people not familiar with Chef Hesse, he was a two-season fan favorite on Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay and The Food Network.  And is a now a sandwich king in the making at Fo’ Cheezy Twisted Meltz. 

Fo’ Cheezy serves out of this world, street to table grilled cheese sandwiches, shakes, wangz and other thangz. No ingredient is safe. It CAN and WILL be piled into an amazing sandwich or delectable dessert, then given an edgy name like Buffalo Mother Clucker, Parmageddon, or Trailer Trash Sundae. Nearly everything, including their breads, are made in-house.

From a COVID Opening to Franchising in Two Years

Fo’ Cheezy opened the doors on its brand-new food truck on March 20, 2020. Due to COVID restrictions, it was only pulling in $100 per day. As shutdowns continued, they didn’t give up. They continued to risk and toil and make new sandwiches, and took that food truck to venues to pull in $5,000-$10,000/day.

Within 6 months they were building their first brick-and-mortar restaurant. Now they have two brick and mortar restaurants and are franchising! With at least four prospects on deck, they have received around 4,000 emails of interest. We hope Fo’ Cheezy is coming to a spot near you (and us)!

Spreading  the Love

Instead of pocketing piles of sandwich dough, Fo’ Cheezy has been turning profits into the future. More restaurants, franchising opportunities, and happy employees. They like to pay employees well and even offer a bonus structure.

“You have to put energy into the people you hire. Don’t be greedy. Spread the love to your employees.” Is how Chef Hesse feels about those he hires.

It’s All About Community

Chef’s most recent sandwich creation, The NOTORIOUS Havarti P.I.G., was a sandwich near and dear to Chef Robert Hesse’s heart. In a competition using CASTELLO® Creamy Havarti Cheese and competing against 9 others, the prize of $20,000 would go directly from Robert to at-risk-youth in his community through Knowledge of Self Awareness Academy (KOSA) manhood training.

If you’ve read our other articles about Robert, you would know that he was an at-risk-youth himself. And  Fo’ Cheezy didn’t wait for the $20,000 prize money to be announced – they took 10 kids back to school shopping, including a trip to Foot Locker for brand new shoes. In fact, 2% of all sales at Fo’ Cheezy are redirected to families in need.  At the end of the day, that’s a lot of bread…

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