Hype the Havarti with Chef Robert Hesse

We have an update coming about our friend Chef Robert Hesse, but while you wait for all the details on his adventures with Fo Cheezy Twisted Meltz…

Head on over to and vote for our favorite, the NOTORIOUS Havarti P.I.G.!

Hype the Havarti’s top prize is $20,000 and Chef Hesse is planning to spend the prize on at risk youth in his community!

The NOTORIOUS Havarti P.I.G. is off the hook with southern cornflake crusted pork cordonbleu stuffed with uncured ham and
CASTELLO® Creamy Havarti Cheese,
candied bacon, onion bacon jam, green
apple and baby arugula slaw then
bedded down on even more
CASTELLO© Creamy Havarti Cheese,
and grilled to perfection on sourdough
bread smothered in bacon fat whipped

Please vote today!

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