Meditate / Plant

Foraging In My Garden



A wise man once said “If you have a garden, you have a future.”  Today I got to see that future up close. Look at these lovely strawberries and snap peas.  One of the best things about a garden is that the food is so fresh and good that it needs no preparation at all.  No recipes, no pots and pans, just pure, fresh flavor.  A satisfying snack from the labor of love that is your garden space.  One look at some of these plants and I feel truly abundant.


With all of this abundance surrounding me in color and light, it gets me to thinking – what is abundance?  To each person it means something different.  One thing I know to be true is that abundance is deeply rooted in gratitude,  as it is the things for which we are most grateful that manifest most easily in one’s life.  Some people say grace before a meal, only to just after giving thanks for the meal, turn around and ask for blessings.  How about just “thanks”.  Here is a great technique that I stumbled upon years ago.  I remember commuting by ferry and I was in awe over that number of people journaling away in little notebooks.  It turns out that a great number of them (and people all over the country) had read the book The Secret.  I never finished reading it but the gist was to keep a journal of all the things that come your way daily for which you are grateful.  So, I gave it a shot.  At first it was the bigger things but after a while it included little things like someone opening up a door for me or offering to let me go in front of them in the grocery store line.  Sometimes the journal was not on hand, but I still found myself keeping that same sentiment in my head. As I continued in my journal, I was noticing a pattern – the things for which I was grateful were multiplying.  From true gratitude came true grace.

Today, pick up a notebook, fancy or not, your choice.  Off the top of your head, start by writing 5 things for which you are grateful right now, in the moment.  As you go through your day, make notes.  Did you find a dollar on the street?  Did your kids do the dishes?  Were you running a little late, only to discover your tardiness meant you narrowly avoided a car accident?  Keep all negativity out of your journal.  This is only a collection of blessings.  If you suffer from pain or disease, this journal can help too.  If you woke up pain free today or were able to do something you normally cannot manage physically, write it down.  If your finances aren’t what they should be but  maybe you were able to afford that extra something today, write it down. Often times, we say “life would be better if only.”  The word “if” takes us away from what “is” and places our brains (and our energy) in a state of “lack”.  This journal will take you out of “if” thinking and into what “is” abundant and available to you in the moment.

As you spend the time and energy in being grateful for good things in your life, much like my garden, those things will eventually blossom and bare fruit.

Be Well!


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