“Cake Boss” Team Building Event at Armanino LLP

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This week CPM had the opportunity to help host a “Cake Boss” type team building event at our sister, Theresa’s (the “OGG”) office, Armanino LLP.  What a fun time!  Each team of five unwitting participants received a two-layer, 10-inch cake, two and a half pounds of Swiss butter cream frosting, an assortment of utensils, fondant and embellishments with which to assemble and decorate cakes of their own collective design.

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The rules were simple – there were no rules on assembly or decoration, except “keep it PG-13”, no outside ingredients and CPM was only on hand to give consultation on technique.  No design advice or suggestions were allowed.

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Still, with less than two hours to collaborate, trade ingredients with other teams, build and decorate a cake, the group couldn’t have shown more talent or camaraderie.  Every cake design was unique in its own way.  Congratulations to all who competed in this great event!

7-15-14 131 7-15-14 130 7-15-14 129 7-15-14 128

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Congratulations to Team 5 for winning the event!  It was no small undertaking.


7-15-14 130

And thank you to Armanino for having us.  It was as much fun for us to be there as it was for the competitors.



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Would you like for CPM to help you host your own fun team building exercise?  Contact us today!



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