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Freezing Peas – Easy Peasy!


All hail Larry’s produce! At CPM we get SOOOOO excited when summer rolls around because that means the opening of Larry’s Produce, our favorite place to shop for all the freshest ingredients. Larry’s is only open mid-June through mid-December-ish so you have to get it while the gettin’ is good.

Last week at Larry’s I scored a case of English peas (I’m a junkie). The saddest thing about fresh peas is that they are only in season for like 10 minutes. So, when they are in season, I like to buy in bulk freeze them for later use. Here is my easy way to freeze peas.

Shuck peas from the pods. Rinse peas in a colander and let drain.


Once peas are dry, place peas in a single layer on a sheet pan lined with waxed paper. Place sheet pan in the freezer. Once peas are frozen, transfer to a Ziploc bag or vaccum sealed bag.
Peas will keep for 6 months or longer depending on your bagging technique. Vacuum seal obviously yields a longer freezer time.

See – easy peasy!

Eat Well!

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