Day 34 – Locking it Down with CPM

I started writing this Lockdown blog on March 14, three days before my county announced Shelter in Place orders. I have not seen a single roll of toilet paper in stores since then. Keeping in mind that I am following orders, I only go out for essential business or essential work, I only visit stores about every 8-9 days, and I am the only one in my household who visits stores… no toilet paper for 34 days. Not one single package or roll.

I am left wondering what happened to all the toilet paper that goes to high rise buildings in San Francisco, or bathrooms of restaurants which are all “closed for cleaning”. If millions of people are no longer pooping on company time, it means they’re buying more for their home, leaving grocery shelves empty for longer. So, why can’t all that toilet paper which was destined for now-empty high rises, stadiums, schools, and restaurants be re-directed to essential stores? Sure, they might be giant rolls of TP but they’ll still get the job done.

The same goes for bleach and disinfecting cleaner. I haven’t seen any disinfecting cleaners in 34 days. I only have Windex to clean my kitchen and floors. I have about 10 Lysol wipes left. I have enough bleach for a couple more weeks of white loads. I’d buy disinfectant in Costco size buckets originally destined for stadiums… I’m not afraid!

Luckily, I did finally nab some toilet paper. My step-daughter went to an out of the way Costco in Ukiah and found a mountain of toilet paper, and was kind enough to get a pack for me. What a kid. An adult actually! But still, once your kid – always your kid.

On day 1 of lockdown this was my TP count:
17 Costco rolls
12 regular Angel Soft

When I received my new TP package, I was down to:
2 Costco
12 regular Angel Soft

Updated totals:
31 Costco
12 regular Angel Soft

Angels Soft rolls go fast. We’d have been in the poop in no time. Now we’ll be good for months. Thanks for the TP, Lex! Love ya!

Never in my life have I been conscious about how much toilet paper we had! I’ve also never blogged at length about toilet paper. Weird times, my friends, weird times!

Today please remember to:
-Open the curtains
-Get fresh air
-Stay off the news
-Take a long shower
-Flush wisely (See day 7 flushing instructions)

Got the day off so I’m back to sewing masks – Bay Area counties and stores are slowly putting out requirements for face coverings in public.

Stay Well!

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