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Cheat Codes: Storing Cilantro


At CPM, we LOVE fresh herbs.  But sometimes herbs become “herb soup” long before they ever land a meaningful roll in any dish.  And then we cry, because fresh herbs are expensive.


This way of storing cilantro came about by accident.  I was simply storing some leftover cilantro stems for later use in my Refried Beans.  Much to my surprise, the stems lasted for weeks stored in this fashion.  So I gave the bundles a go in much the same way.  I’m not really sure how long they really keep but my record for storage before use is 10 days.

Storing Cilantro

After purchasing cilantro bundles, remove twist ties, rinse bundles and lay out loosely on a towel.  Remove any stems or leaves that look like they are already on their way to “soup”.  Let bundles air dry a bit.


Lay out one bundle on a paper towel, wrap tightly then wrap again in plastic wrap.  Repeat with remaining bundles.

IMG_4825 IMG_4828 IMG_4830 IMG_4832

Store in refrigerator.

Eat Well!



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