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Cheesecake Pops

It’s insanity!  I’ve taken a perfectly good cheesecake, scooped out the middle and made it into these fun and yummy little pops.




Cheesecake Pops

One cheesecake of your choosing
20 oz chocolate of your choice, cut into small pieces (chocolate chips are fine too)
A few graham crackers, crushed into desired size
Lolipop sticks
Cake pop stand or a box with several holes poked in it

Line a baking sheet with waxed paper.  Scoop cheesecake a tablespoon at a time, roll into balls and place on baking sheet.  Place baking sheet in the freezer.  Allow cheesecake balls to freeze.

Meanwhile, in a double boiler over medium heat, place 2/3 of your cut up chocolate or chips.  Allow chocolate to melt, stirring frequently with a rubber scraper.  Once chocolate reaches 145 degrees, remove just the top bowl from double boiler and place on a towel on your counter.  Stir in remaining chocolate and melt completely.  Allow chocolate to cool to 90 degrees or less.

Remove cheesecake balls from freezer.  Using one of your lolipop sticks, carefully poke a hole in each one.

Now for the assembly.  Dip the tip of a lolipop stick in chocolate and place cheesecake ball on the end of the stick.  The chocolate acts like glue to hold the cheesecake on the stick.  Carefully dip the end of the cheesecake ball in the chocolate.  Coat pop as best you are able.  Turn pop downward, exposing the under side and spoon chocolate on underside to coat.  Working quickly, sprinkle pop with graham cracker crumbs.  Place pop in the holes of box.

Repeat.  Keep pops in the refrigerator or freezer.

Eat Well!




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